Stephen Moore was born in London UK. His parents moved to Peterborough in the early 70’s, which is where he grew up.
From a young age Stephen was into music and loved to sing. His main influence was Bob Marley, as his dad used to play Bob Marley every Sunday along with Peter Tosh & John Holt.

At school Stephen’s interests were singing & drama classes, as he loved to entertain. He was part of a number of school productions.

In his late teens Stephen’s love for music took him into the DJ’ing world, playing the latest Reggae music on local sound systems. His DJ name ‘Stevie Wonder’ came about from his love of the Artist himself. At this same time, Stephen was always watching and learning how the International Stars sing and entertain, the passion for singing and writing his own songs were growing.

Stephen soon realised that he wanted to become a singer; therefore, he needed to change his stage name, for obvious reasons. Stephen used one of his middle names and, Owen Wonder was created.

In 2005, Owen Wonder joined up with his cousin from Jamaica, Dwayne AKA (Willy Pop). Owen Wonder liked Willy Pop’s style of DJ’ing and before they knew it they were writing songs and producing music. They set up a recording studio and label and started releasing their music, which was played on local radio stations such as React FM, Unique and others.

In 2007 Owen Wonder and Willy Pop got together with some local musicians and formed a band. They played their first live gig at the Broadway Theatre, Peterborough, UK, after just 4 months of being together. Owen’s passion to perform got stronger from that point on.

Not long after the bands first show, musical differences saw Owen leave, to start his own band with his cousin Willy Pop. The band is called ‘The Hardway Family’.
Owen Wonder continues to sing and write his own material, which he performs up and down the country at local clubs, pubs and Festivals.

In 2012 Owen Wonder starts his solo projects working with veteran artist Robbie Valentine on some new material, also working with independent producers such as Stingray Records.